Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Searching for a 5K training program

We arrived back home Sunday night but have since been dealing with some doggie issues. We boarded the dogs at a new kennel this weekend and, unfortunately, they came home with some severe digestive tract issues. We've been to the vet, are loaded up with special bland food and they are doing okay now.

Remember this post where I talked about the 5K that is being held at Pennsic? Well, a fellow SCA-dian read that post and emailed me to say that she would be happy to run with me. Also, she is training for a 1/2 marathon so she has to keep up her running while at Pennsic and she invited to me join her on her training runs. How nice was that?!

I'm not sure that I'll be ready in time (for Pennsic or to run a 5k!) but I have been looking into training programs other than Couch to 5K, to see if there is something out there that might suit me better.

Hal Higdon's training program seems pretty popular. However, it assumes that you can just go out there and run a mile and a half straight to start. That is intimidating to me because I think running 1 mile is hard! But maybe I am just holding myself back with my fear/beliief that it's too hard for me? It is hard but that doesn't mean I couldn't push myself. Still this training program doesn intimidate me rather than make me want to run. This is an 8 week program and I only have 4 weeks to prepare, so I couldn't necessarily do it as set up either.

I've also heard good things about Jeff Galloway's training program. At first glance, this one appeals to me than Higdon's. I think this is because it is based on interval training and for whatever reason, I like interval training. This is a 15 week training program but due to the fact that I started the Couch to 5K program and also have been doing interval training on my own, I would feel comfortable starting at week 8 or even 9 and, depending on how I was doing, I could try to spend 1 week at each distance rather than 2 (if you look at the program, you'll see that each week long schedule is repeated twice).

Obviously there are other training programs out there but these are the ones I am looking at most heavily.

This morning I did a run on the treadmill. I did a 3/1 pattern run/walk for 30 min. Covered 2.31 miles. Not too bad! I am trying to increase the distance that I can cover in 30 min. so that I can increase my pace. My run this morning was 12:59 pace. I am ready to improve on that!

Coincidently, this run would fall right in line with where I would hope to start with Jeff Galloway's training program. Hmmm...

In other news, I think I need new running shoes.


  1. I think you can DEFINITELY do a 5k at Pennsic. But in regards to the two plans you've chosen -- on Hal Higdon's: But maybe I am just holding myself back with my fear/belief that it's too hard for me? You know me, usually I would just tell you you're being too hard on yourself and yes, you could do it. However... I actually don't in this case. Yes, you can run a mile straight, but so far, it's been *just* a mile. Every one after that is exponentially harder, and it's really hard to run that first one slow enough to be able to handle them all in a row.

    You've been doing the interval training, and it's working. It got you to run one mile straight, faster than you thought you could. It will eventually get you to do a 5k straight, I promise! But not in 4 weeks.

    I think that you should either keep following Couch to 5k or jump into the Galloway program like you were mentioning.

    What happened for me personally was that once I moved up to the next distance walk/run, then I could run straight the distance below it. So... once I could walk/run a 10k, then I could run a 5k straight. Once I could walk/run a half marathon, I can now run a 10k straight. I had to walk in my half marathon so.... yeah. Haven't gotten over that hurdle yet!

    Do you think you need new shoes cuz they're worn down or cuz they're not right for you? Running shoes should last about 350 miles, so about 9 months with the amount you're running. :)

  2. I am nervous about signing up for a 5K. Particularly one at Pennsic. I'm not sure why it being at Pennsic makes it more intimidating but it does!

    Oh and I don't expect to do a 5K straight in 4 weeks. I just want to do it to the best of my ability.

    I am starting to think about new shoes again because I am starting to feel more soreness in my knees and also because they probably are about 9 months old or nearing that mark. So I figure now is a good time to start looking, so that I can keep my eyes out for deals.

  3. I follow Higdon's programs with some decent success but, if Galloway's seems more doable for you, definitely start there! When you start a program, if it's really too hard, you can always drop back. I've done that when I started training with a more advanced Higdon program than I was ready for. There's a lot of tweaking you can do.

    As for shoes, have you bought shoes from a running store, where they can look at your feet? It makes a world of difference when the professionals can take a look and help you find the right shoe.

  4. I've not bought shoes from a running store. Do you have a recommendation for one?