Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big fail

Really horrible day at work today, continuing the week of horrible... cue emotional eating. I just sat myself down with some vegetable lo mein and sweet and sour chicken. Oh, and a pork egg roll. And we bought cookies to make later... chocolate-filled chocolate chip cookies. And I plan on eating a couple. Maybe I shouldn't but I just don't have the will power today. I am so tired and so stressed and I just can't handle anymore. At least I worked out this morning and I had a salad for lunch? I'm not going to bother to calculate my calories for the day. Or should I? I don't know. Either way this morning I was down to 144. Didn't change my spark plan though.

Here was my morning workout:
5 min. warm up
1/2 mile run
1/4 mile walk
1/4 mile run
1/4 mile walk
1/8 mile walk at incline 8
1/4 mile walk at incline 5.5
1/4 mile cool down
(2 miles total)

And then I did:
20 burpees

I had wanted to do the week 5 C25K workout but I just couldn't this morning. My knees are kind of hurting lately. And my shins and calves have felt tighter lately as well. I don't really know why. And my right elbow has been hurting... but that has nothing to do with running.

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