Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Food log

2 slices wheat bread w/ peanut butter
1 small banana

1 nectarine

slow-cooked pork loin and whole wheat couscous from dinner last night
stiry-fried cabbage with a little margarine

I did have an afternoon snack planned but I ended up getting too busy at work. Guess I'll save my yogurt with blackberries and strawberries for tomorrow! My lunch was pretty big though (a few ounces of the meat (4-5?), about a cup of the couscous and maybe the same of cabbage), so I didn't start getting hungry until right before dinner, so it was okay.

shredded pork (again from last night dinner) mixed with some homemade barbecue sauce and wrapped in a Bisquick crust (SO GOOD... I love Bisquick. I love making little meat (or meat and veggie or meat and cheese or veggie and cheese...) pockets with it) - I had 2 small pockets
brussel sprouts, broccoli, carrots and green pepper sauted in a little margarine

1 piece blueberry crumb pie from the Amish pie stand at the farmer's market

Looking back at my food log, my lunch and dinner were pretty big. I didn't feel stuffed after either of them but I did feel full. I still need to work on slowing down my eating and enjoying my food so that I am satisfied by eating less.

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