Saturday, July 4, 2009

Make-up free?

That is Topic 2 for the Summer Glow Boot Camp.

In her post on Topic 2, Angela asks:

Do you ever go make-up free?

Do you rely on make-up too much?

Do you think you could go 1 week make-up free? Why or why not?

So, let's see... Do I ever go make-up free? Yes. I go make-up free all the time. I don't wear make-up that often, mostly for special occasions.

Do I think I rely on make-up too much? No, because, again, I don't wear it regularly. But I can see how someone could. And if I am going to a special event, I do feel like I have to wear it because I won't look nearly as good if I don't.

Do I think I could go 1 week make-up free? I have in the past, so... yes!

My answers make it seem as though I am very happy and content with my skin and don't feel the need to hide it under make-up. Unfortunately, that's not true. My lack of make-up lately is mostly because I don't have the time in the morning. If I got up earlier I probably would have more of a make-up routine! And I have worn make-up more regularly in the past, though I have never really worn a ton of make-up.

If I do wear make-up, my usual routine is concealer, powder foundation (mineral make-up), light blush, light eye shadow and mascara. Sometimes I'll go heavier on the eyes for an evening event. But that's about it. I can do my make-up in under 10 min.

Truthfully, I do prefer how I look with make-up to how I look sans make-up. This is mainly because I don't have very clear skin and my skin tends to take a long time to heal blemishes completely, so my skin tone looks uneven. I feel as though my skin is blotchy and broken out and I have dark under eye circles that I don't like. I wish I knew how to get rid of under eye circles! (Any suggestions?) The under eye circles don't bother me as much as the break outs though. If I didn't break out so much, I wouldn't have any sort of issue with my skin. The blemishes are what bother me the most.

I have tried a bunch of different cleansers and lotions and so far I haven't found anything that really does the trick for me in clearing up my skin unfortunately. I have discovered that stress does not help my skin at all and over-washing my face also had a negative effect.

One thing that I do think has helped my skin lately is taking a daily vitamin. I started taking vitamins daily about 1 1/2-2 months ago. I'm fantastically grown-up at 28 and take the gummy vitamins. What can I say? Gummies totally beat out traditional vitamins! Since taking the vitamins I have noticed that my blemishes seem to clear up a lot faster and I think I may be getting fewer of them. So yay vitamins! I have also read that Green Monsters can help with skin health. I've still not tried a Green Monster but I really want to!

So, in conclusions, I don't rely on make-up all that much but I do think it is a useful tool that can helps us enhance our appearance and make us more confident.

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