Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy weight?

Sunday's topic for the SGBC was the idea of a happy weight.

Angela asked:

1) Do you know what your happy weight is? Without getting specific with numbers, try to talk generally about what a happy weight is to you. Do you know when you are there? Have you ever been at your happy weight? How did/do you feel?

I'm not sure that I do know what my happy weight is.

Sometimes it seems that my current weight is my happy weight. At this weight I can basically eat how I want to eat. I'm active. I'm fit. I feel good.

But at the same time, sometimes I am dissatisfied with this weight. However, my only real issue is that I would like to have less weight around my waist. (Hence my goal to have a smaller waist measurement.) To be honest, I know that only a few pounds one way or the other makes a big difference on my midsection, so... I would say that if I'm not at my happy weight, I am close to it. I would at least say I am in my happy weight range. Would I be happy 3-5 pounds lighter? I'm sure I would. Would I be happy 1-2 pounds heavier? Yes.

Another reason I would say this is my happy weight range (I think having a happy weight range is better than having a specific happy weight - less stressful to maintain and who needs more stress?.) is that I can do the things that make me happy and still maintain this weight. I can run. I can strength train. I can push my levels of stamina and endurance. I can enjoy a pretzel at the farmer's market. I can go out with friends. I can have a few drinks at a party. I can have pizza and cupcakes and cookies and ice cream when I want them. And I can do it without feeling guilty, without feeling like I am failing at something, without obsessing over every bite and feeling constantly under scrutiny. And THAT makes me happy. I am happy to be free of that. If the cost of being able to actually live life, not hide from it, is a couple of extra pounds - that is a price I will pay. Happily.

2) What about unhappy weights? Have you ever been there too? What was going on that made this an unhappy weight?

I have definitely been at an unhappy weight before. My current weight plus 8-9 pounds is an unhappy weight for me. You wouldn't think that 8-9 pounds would make much of a difference but they do. They show on my midsection and make me unhappy with how my clothing fits. The extra weight really shows on my frame and I feel sluggish and unhappy with myself. I feel unhappy with myself because usually if I have gained that much weight, it means I've let fitness and exercise fall along the wayside. I need to exercise and work my body to feel happy.

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