Thursday, July 9, 2009


I found out earlier this week via my new SCA friend that the Pennsic 5K was canceled. Boo! I was actually looking forward to taking part in it! I guess they feel that it presents too much of a liability.

I've not been exercising as much as I would have liked this week. I had planned to follow week 11 of the Jeff Galloway training program but kind of got sidetracked by life. On Monday I did No More Trouble Zones, Tuesday I ran the 30 min. (3/1 walk/run), Wednesday I did s short yoga/strength session (better than nothing, right?) and today I decided not to exercise because I was up late last night and wanted to try to get at least 6 hours of sleep (I think I got just under 6...). So, I kind of got slightly off track. I think I am going to do the other 30 min. run tomorrow, take Saturday off (it's my husband's birthday and his sister, her husband and their little girl will be staying with us all weekend and we're having a party for the hubster that night) and then run the 3.5 miles on Sunday. Then I'll try to get back on track with week 12 on Monday.

At the advice of my new SCA friend, I think I am going to check to see if I can find a running group or something. It would be nice to meet some people from down here, get some exercise as part of a group and improve my running. I have been feeling nostalgic for my days in track in high school. I loved track! Now, I wasn't a runner at the time. I was a jumper - long and triple jump. And, man, if people did recreational jumping like they do running, I would be so all over that! I'm jealous of Holly, whose running group is holding a series of track meets this summer. I think that's so cool!

My eating also hasn't been stellar this week. I fully admit to emotional eating on my part. I have read all kinds of articles that are supposed to help you stop emotional eating but so far I've not been able to overcome it. I had a job interview last week for a job that I wanted very badly. They were supposed to be doing 2nd interviews this week and were hoping to make an offer by the end of the week. I wanted the job so bad I went out and bought a new suit, a new portfolio and sent a thank you card afterward (I've never sent a thank you after an interview before.). I sent an email to the person I interviewed to ask about the status of the job. He didn't bother to respond. I'm feeling pretty depressed about the situation because I wanted the job so badly and because I am so unhappy at my current job.

I need to catch up on the Summer Glow Boot Camp.

I am so busy lately! I have 2 baby quilts that need to be made by the end of this month because the babies are due at the end of next month. I need to finish my sewing for Pennsic because that is in 3 weeks. I spent time on my garden, doing laundry, taking care of the dogs and cats, trying to keep things picked up and clean. I need to take some me time but I don't feel like I have time for it!

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