Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things.

I have been doing really well about updating my food log this week. I haven't been doing so well with my food choices (in regards to healthy qualities) as you can plainly see but I am making no excuses and giving no reasons as to why I ate what I did. That is irrelevant because it is what it is. I made the decisions to put those foods into my body and I can't un-eat them.

But at least I'm not hiding from my food choices. I am recording what I am eating and that is at least a place to start, you know?

I have also been trying to really watch my portion sizes. I don't need large portions to feel full or satisfied.

Oh and I am working on drinking more water because I completely fell away from that while we were on vacation. I put the notice back on my computer at work, so a pop-up now reminds me to take a drink every 10 minutes. That really helps me remember to drink, particularly because I get so busy at work that I often don't think to stop and make sure I am staying hydrated.

And I have started exercising again. I did some strength training on Sunday and tonight I went for a 30 min. 1:1 (run:walk) with A. I decided to take it easy, which is why we went 1:1. We did have to take a few breaks because we took the dogs with us and we had to clean up a few doggie messes and also give them some water. Boy, were they whipped at the end! They are out of shape. I probably could have kept going but I didn't want to push it with the dogs. Plus, it's probably better to ease back into exercising. When we returned from our run, I did a couple strength moves and then stretched.

Slowly, I am getting back into reading the various health blogs that I follow, so that's inspiring.

And now to revisit my goals! I am going to reorganize them a little.

Goals Achieved!
Run a mile in 12 min. or less. 11:43 on 9/20!

Run 2 miles without stopping.
Take part in a 5K.
Do a set of 35 push-ups. (Current best - 20)
Do a set of 35 burpees. (Current best - 18)
Whittle my waist - get my waist measurement under 26 inches (currently 27) and my belly measurement under 31 inches (currently 33.5).
Get my body fat percentage under 25%. (Currently 28%)
Become more flexible - be able to do side and middle splits.
Lose 5 lb. (Currently 149.8)

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