Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stroller Quandry

Andy and I went to a local Mexican restaurant for a late lunch. The food was fantastic and the portions were actually really big (and/or we ate a lot of chips and salsa before getting our meals...). And they gave us free dessert because it was our first time eating there. Mmm. We each brought home about half our meal and most of dessert. Hello, dinner!

So we found a snap-n-go stroller frame at Target today that Andy had to have. We already have a stroller (the City Mini) but you have to buy a special attachment (which we did) in order to set the infant car seat on/in the stroller when the baby is itty bitty. I love the City Mini. I love how it looks, its size, the maneuverability, how easy it folds. Andy really likes it too but wasn't really sold on how the car seat snaps into the attachment and how secure that all is. Well, they have these snap-n-go stroller frames that are super basic and light that you just pop the car seat in and go. They're much cheaper than a regular stroller simply because they're not meant to be used long term and have zero features. I wasn't really interested in looking at the stroller frames since we had the City Mini with the attachment. I figured that would be fine, wasn't really concerned with how the car seat snapped into the attachment. And I love the City Mini. Did I mention that? Anyway, we were just going to go with the City Mini with attachment because most stroller frames run about $60 and the attachment for the City Mini was $60, so... did it really matter? I'm pretty sure that the stroller frame we got at Target today was incorrectly marked because we got it for... oh... $12. (It's on the website for $56.) If we return the City Mini attachment, we'll save $48, which I am sure we could use elsewhere. I feel kind of like I am cheating on the City Mini though.

If I move funny, make a weird noise, touch my belly, breath, ask for a glass of water, itch my arm, blink, excuse myself to go to the restroom or sigh, Andy's all over me. "ARE YOU HAVING CONTRACTIONS? IS IT GO TIME?" I think he asked me if it was go time about 18 times while we were out shopping today. Grocery shopping has never been so exciting for Andy.

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